Service of Process

What is Process Service?

Process service is the delivery of copies of legal documents such as court orders, summons, complaint, subpoena, order to show cause (order to appear and argue against a proposed order), writs, notice to quit the premises and certain other documents, usually by personal delivery to the defendant or other person to whom the documents are directed.

Eagle Setree Investigations serves the entire state of South Carolina.  Our specialists are certified and trained in all facets of process serving and take a highly professional approach to their endeavors.  With our years of experience and expertise in all areas of investigative services, we offer the most reliable, fastest, and cost-effective services throughout the state of South Carolina.

Did you know that failing to get important court documents physically delivered to a defendant fast and personally by a process server can get your case delayed or, worst case scenario, thrown out of court?

Advantages of Hiring Our Process Servers

Cost-effectiveness – Whenever you have legal documents that need to be served to a business or an individual located in South Carolina, a local guy or nationwide agency will most likely tack on an additional server management charge or fee.  By hiring us, you can save your clients, as well as your company, hundreds of dollars on routine process serving.

Better communication – Whenever you have a situation where a service must be done in South Carolina, a local individual or nationwide agency may farm the job out to someone else.  This means that you won’t have access to these people, which could pose quite a problem if you’re dealing with a time-sensitive manner.

Quicker service – By hiring the process servers from ESI, legal documents or papers won’t get forwarded to some corporate headquarters or central office, and then sent to another person.  Our process servers will see to it that your documents or papers are directly served. So, your affidavit of service returns promptly to you, once the service has been performed.