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Legal Investigation for All Areas of Law

Nearly all areas of law and litigation can benefit from the comprehensive inquiries, explorations, and observations conducted by a Private Investigator.


Litigation Support

There’s a lot of legwork involved in bringing a case to court and at Eagle-Setree Investigations we have a great deal of experience in these matters. We offer an exceptional range of premium, specialized skills that are crucial in complex investigations, teaming with leadership and counsel for the best achievable outcomes.


Criminal Defense

Eagle- Setree Investigations takes pride in having skilled and experienced criminal investigators. Our investigators are well-trained and grounded on every aspect of criminal defense investigation. From carrying out covert surveillance to interviewing witnesses, our investigators go the extra mile to obtain the facts and uncover the truth.

Family Law

We offer this service for Family Law and Child Custody Investigations. We offer true professional solutions for your family law case. Our methods of unearthing the necessary documentation, witnesses, or evidence are done meticulously and in accordance with legal needs so the information we collect is usable in a court of law.


We separate fact from fiction

ESI has extensive experience providing litigation support services to attorneys and legal teams. Our experienced investigators can assist in cases ranging from small business disputes to corporate litigation.

We combine the absolute focus and tenacity of old school detective work with the speed and accuracy of today’s practices and technology and assist attorneys and legal teams with

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Locating Witnesses
  • Surveillance and other field operations
  • Due Diligence and Background Check
  • Corporate and Small Business Investigations
  • Fraud Examinations


Our Investigative Methods

The team at ESI strive to offer impartial, objective investigations no matter the alleged crime. Because ESI does not focus solely on criminal defense, our objectivity in litigation is hard to impeach, and sets ESI in a unique position as an impartial party in all investigations.

ESI knows that defense investigations require specific skills and strategies, including the following:

  • Scene Examination
  • Comprehensive review of discovery to find investigative leads
  • Obtaining public records not provided in discovery
  • Obtaining criminal histories of prosecution witnesses, especially cooperating witnesses
  • Conducting detailed interviews of all witnesses and finding new witnesses
  • Assist with developing a theory of defense
  • Assist with voir dire
  • Sit as advisory counsel in court
  • Provide access to experts
  • Provide non-English interviews as needed
  • Obtain rapidly-destroyed records like 911 calls and private video surveillance
  • Locate transient witnesses
  • Recorded interviews and reports
Criminal-investigations 2

Juror Profile Investigation

  • Voir dire strategy: Development of voir dire questions that will effectively identify dangerous jurors and provide an opportunity for them to express a bias that may support a challenge for cause.
  • Juror questionnaires: Artful development of supplemental juror questionnaires that identify the most dangerous jurors without exposing favorable jurors.
  • Analysis of juror questionnaires: We are able to analyze jury questionnaires quickly, efficiently, and accurately, whether on the fly in the courtroom or overnight.
  •  Juror social media research: We can provide strategic insights and recommendations about your jurors using background research that provides a deep scrape of jurors’ social media profiles, consumer reports, property records, and political history.
  •  Jury selection: Assistance tracking and interpreting juror comments and analysis of that information against jury questionnaire answers, enabling data-driven recommendations to be offered in real time.


Records Retrieval

We belong to many earned access and credential-based data providers that only licensed private investigators and some law enforcement are allowed access to. These are the best available resources that provide up to the second current data that no online publicly available database can touch.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence reports are designed to verify data, uncover discrepancies and help determine the credibility of organizations and key personnel.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Don’t fall victim to fraudsters. Our seasoned investigative staff knows their tricks and can help you today.

Litigation Support

Prepare trial exhibits including maps, enlarged photos, diagrams, overlays, jury instructions, etc.

Personal Injury

A fraudulent or exaggerated workers comp or personal injury claim can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our professional and experienced staff is equipped and ready to collect the evidence needed to protect yourself and your business. 

People Locate

Having trouble locating or identifying a witness? Has your claimant skipped town? Let our experienced staff find them for you. We have access to several resources as well as the best in-field techniques. Don’t let the truth get away from you, call us today.

Fraud Detection

From identity theft to credit and banking fraud, more businesses in the South Carolina area fall victim to fraud everyday. Put our trained and experienced staff on your case today.

Workplace Investigations

Dishonest and unethical employees can have a devastating impact on your business. They can end up costing you more than just profit and customers. Eagle-Setree Investigations can help you get to the bottom of things and protect your assets.

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We offer an exceptional range of premium, specialized skills that are crucial in complex investigations, teaming with leadership and counsel for the best achievable outcomes.